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Seeing the face of God

(Old Facebook Post)

Reflections on Jacob’s encounter’s with God and Esau in Genesis 32-33:

Until you experience the shock of actually surviving a solitary “face-to-face” encounter with God where you admit your true character as a heel-grasping, selfish, deceiving wretch, you may never get over your fear of facing your brother against whom you have sinned. But if you do survive such God-wrestlings, and even come out with the gift of a divine blessing, then seeing your brother’s face may feel like seeing the face of God.

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“Ran… embraced… kissed”

(Old Facebook Post–Revised)

Compare Luke 15:20 with Genesis 33:4. The father in the Prodigal Son parable “ran… embraced… kissed” his younger son; in Genesis the older son Esau “ran… embraced… kissed” the younger son Jacob.

Perhaps Jesus is saying prodigals and sinners (see Luke 15:1) are the typological fulfillment of Jacob–and are therefore the true Israel! The Pharisees and scribes (Luke 15:2), on the other hand, aren’t even as good as foolish, non-elect Esau (or the scoundrel Laban; see Genesis 29:13), who had the decency to welcome his younger brother.

Note: These are the only Bible verses where all these key words occur.

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Wisdom versus revelation – James 1:5

(Old Facebook Post)

Wisdom is the God-given ability to make decisions when faced with complex situations. Revelation is a voice from heaven–God speaking his wisdom directly to me.

So when I am faced with a complex decision and pray for wisdom, in response to James 1:5 (“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God…”), why am I often waiting, not for wisdom, but for revelation?

And by the way, wisdom comes by persevering faithfully through trials (cf. James 1:2-4), which means it might not come instantly.

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