(Old Facebook Post)

Words about Mennonites and education from a friend on a cross-cultural mission field:

“I think the challenge for me was being discouraged by the Body not encouraged. If somehow the church can see education as the beginning of service…

“The challenge for us here is that we are needing people to commit about 6 years to prepare to join us. Four years for a bachelor’s degrees then 2 year in language study before they would move to where we are. Most people hear that they will need to learn another language and then we never hear from them again. The rest do not have any education or significant skill to offer [this country] that will get them a visa and they want to do something right now. There is that idea out there that a person should do a VS term and that is enough 2 maybe 3 years. We need people willing to give their life for the Kingdom.

“The same goes for theological study. Years need to be invested and it will not be money that will be paid back.”

Friend, you will remain nameless here, but your words need to be heard: “Education as the beginning of service; people willing to give their lives to the Kingdom.”