I received encouragement to share my blog series on Jesus and homosexuality in more formats, so I’ve recorded all six sessions. Here are mp3 and YouTube (audio only) recordings, plus PDFs for downloading and sharing the series in print.

Directions: To download an audio or PDF file, right-click the relevant link and click “save.” You can also listen online from this page. To see the original blog posts, click on the session titles.

To offer feedback on the content in this series, I invite you to visit the original blog posts. If you have something to say about the audio or PDF versions shared here, please comment below. Thank you!

Was Jesus Okay With Homosexuality?

(1) Introduction, Explanations, and a Summary of this Series  (PDF text; mp3 audio)

(2) How Should We Interpret Jesus’ Silence About Homosexuality?  (PDF text; mp3 audio)

(3) Does “Love Your Neighbor” Mean Jesus Affirmed “Gay Love”?  (PDF text; mp3 audio)

(4) Why It’s Wrong to Say Jesus Said Nothing About Homosexuality  (PDF text; mp3 audio)

(5) Historical Conclusions: Was Jesus Okay With Homosexuality?  (PDF text; mp3 audio)

(6) Conclusions for Today: Is Jesus Okay With Homosexuality Now?  (PDF text; mp3 audio)

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