What to Expect Next on Dwight Gingrich Online

Well, it’s been just over two weeks since I launched DGO. It’s time to regroup and look ahead. Thank you very much for your interest and encouragement!

Thanks especially to those of you who voted to show what content you’d like to see in the future. I was unable to tell who voted for what, but your cumulative feedback is very helpful. Over 30 people voted. Voters identified themselves as male 24 times, female 8 times, and “Good” once. 🙂

(If you have not yet voted in the “Readers’ Choice Poll,” please do so. One easy place to find the poll is at the bottom of this post.)

Results From Your Voting

Popular ideas:

  • 20 votes were cast asking for more essays from me on theological/Bible interpretation topics. Add to this the 11 votes asking for “that paper on the ‘ordinances'” and we have a clear winner. Many of you are looking for more long-form biblical reflection, the kind of thing that can’t happen in a blog post.
  • 25 votes were cast for either “book reviews” or “a series of summaries/reviews of books about the Church.”
  • 15 votes were cast for a Q & A forum where readers can submit Bible interpretation questions.
  • Other fairly popular categories include: interviews with Bible teachers and church leaders, upcoming events for Bible interpreters and church leaders, and Sunday School tips.

A few surprises:

  • Only 4 votes were cast for book giveaways. I guess we’re already overwhelmed with books! Or else afraid to admit we like handouts?
  • Only one person wants to hear “more about Dwight’s life.” (Thanks, Gerard. I happened to see you voted right before that new category appeared. I feel the love.)

How Your Votes Are Shaping DGO

Plans so far:

Up in the air: I’m not sure what to do with the following ideas. What do you think? Reply in the comments or add one you like to the poll and start voting.

  • Bible interpretation help for beginners. I don’t want to overlook this need. In fact, this need is dear to my heart! How to respond? One idea: DGO could host a series reading through George Guthrie’s book Read the Bible for Life: Your Guide to Understanding and Living God’s Word. It’s my current favorite such book for beginners, and refreshing, too, for others. We could set a time to begin, then read and discuss one chapter a week. Such things are better done face-to-face, but online discussion could also be helpful. Thoughts?
  • Seminary lectures: It was suggested that some would enjoy listening to some free seminary lectures from BiblicalTraining and discussing them together here on DGO. These lectures have been a huge help to me. This idea would be a significant time investment, but could bring a big pay-off. Is anyone interested?

Something New

I’m very pleased to announce that my mother, Elaine Gingrich, has agreed to let me post some of her poems and short articles here on DGO. Mom is a skilled amateur wordsmith. She drank in all she could second-hand as I completed my English Literature B.A., and she’s spent far more hours than I have reading and thinking about great literature. She has written some real gems, some of which connect well with my themes of Bible and Church. I hope to post one a month to add literary craft and heart reflection to my less-polished reflections. I think you’ll find this refreshing.


I want to end this update by thanking you again for your interest as I begin this new online venture. About 45 of you have signed up for emails, Feedly tells me 6 of you are following me there (I don’t know who you are!) and others have been finding me via social media and search engines. If DGO proves useful, it will be in large part because of your support and feedback. May we serve Christ and his Church together, for his glory!

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