Watching You Watch the Birds [Poem by Mom]

This month I’m sharing a poem that Mom wrote about her first grandson, my nephew Curtis, when he was about 8 months old. I’ll add a few pictures and then let the poem speak for itself. I think you’ll like this one!

(See here for an introduction to this monthly series from Mom.)

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My nephew Curtis, watching.

(to Curtis)

Who watched when rubies first took wing?
Who gazed attentive, open-mouthed,
As you do at flash of feather,
Swoop and swing,
Your eyes dreamy, wonder-focused,
Face as fluid as first love,
Following dip and dart of winter birds—
Robust redpolls flocking the feeder
Like ruddy-faced farmers at an auction,
Cheeky chickadees in formal attire?

Perhaps an audience of angels,
Abandoning anthem to learn a new roundelay,
Or listening to one of Heaven’s hymns
Transposed into flight of feather, oriole’s melody.

Watching you watch the birds
I see Adam waking,
That first dawning of awareness,
Those first steps taken,
A world to explore,
A Designer to worship.

I am certain that when from God’s fingers
Birds flew
He thought of you,
A small child’s delight, infant’s laughter.
He knew what He was after.
Reflected in your eyes
I see the face of the Creator watching you
Knowing that what He has made is very good.

– By Elaine Gingrich, February 2008

PS:  As I’m finishing up this post I just noticed something: By happy coincidence, today is the birthday of Curtis’s dad! Happy birthday, brother! 🙂

MoreRedpollwithrow via Compfight cc

ChickadeeCynnerz Photos via Compfight cc

OrioleAdam C. Smith Photography via Compfight cc

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3 thoughts on “Watching You Watch the Birds [Poem by Mom]”

  1. Warm and wonderful, Elaine! These are my two favorite lines:
    A small child’s delight, infant’s laughter.
    He knew what He was after.
    (I also think it must be so very rewarding to have your son feature your poetry on his page – rewarding for both him and you. 🙂 )

    1. Thanks Danette. I always value your comments. Remember our wonderful times together critiquing each others writing? 🙂 Yes it is exciting and rewarding to have my son feature my poetry. Maybe it will help to keep the old saw from rusting. 🙂

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