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The Lord is risen! (And that makes all the difference.)

Who am I? I am an unworthy object of the grace of God. Most people know me as the husband of the lovely Zonya and father of three delightful daughters, someone who moved to Atlanta to help with a church plant (see here), a part-time piano teacher and Choice Books rep, a former curriculum writer with Open Hands, a former shed builder and pie seller, a former associate pastor at Followers of Jesus Mennonite Church, a former high school teacher, an English Literature BA graduate, a Canadian stranded thriving in the United States, a former staff member of Northern Youth Programs, a former welder/draftsman, an occasional musician, a former worshiper at a Beachy Amish Mennonite Church who has Biblical Mennonite Alliance friends and Midwest Mennonite Fellowship roots, a catholic Christian, or an amateur Bible student. Okay, few people know all those things about me.

Two of my biggest passions are exegesis and ecclesiology–that is, faithful interpretation of the Bible and good theological understandings and practices regarding the Church of Jesus Christ. I spend much of my time mulling over these related topics. We read that the Church is the body of Christ, where many different kinds of people are needed and all must work together. What body part am I? Perhaps a neuron–often bouncing around somewhere in the brain but also making regular trips between the cerebrum and the musculoskeletal system. So I decided a good way to celebrate turning 40 would be to start a website where I could post my thoughts on the Bible and the Church–along with anything else that I might wish to foist upon the unsuspecting world. Ready or not, here I come.

Thank you for stopping by! I welcome your comments and especially your help in faithfully handling–and heeding–God’s written word.

For Christ and his Church,
Dwight Gingrich

PS: Since early days Christians have found it useful to write creeds and confessions of faith to summarize and defend their beliefs. I agree there is value in such written statements–as long as they aren’t cotton in our ears or blinders on our eyes when we open the Scriptures. What do I believe? I can affirm the Nicene Creed. I can also affirm this helpful evangelical statement of faith (as of October, 2014) with only minor quibbles. And my disagreements with the 1963 Mennonite Confession of Faith are small enough that, even after I expressed them, I was gladly welcomed as an elder in the Biblical Mennonite Alliance.

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8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Was really impressed with your review of the Anabaptist identity conference as I just listen to all the talks except maybe one or two. I think such a crituque of that meeting will be very helpful to them. Love your concern for truth being preached and lived! Would like to talk to you on the phone!

    Blessings and keep writing

  2. I read briefly and also printed off your review of the NIV Zondervan Study Bible and the comparison with the ESV Study Bible. I greatly appreciated the quick read so I will read carefully as I think that the NIV would really be my choice. D.A. Carson is a Theologian and Pastor who I confidently read.
    The problem with the Large Print does seem to be a Problem in terms of size and especially for a senior which I am, but I will perhaps choose to use the NIV Study Bible at home for my Bible reading and study at home.

    I am very impressed with your taking the time to respond to individuals who have read your reviews and I did go to: Dwight Gingrich Online and your kind and warm responses did speak to me of a your personal interest in those who contacted you.

    I was actually doing a search on D. A. Carson and Biblical Theology when I found the review by you on the NIV Study Bible.

    My keen interest is to read the Puritans, Church History, and Scottish Divines! I am from Scotland so I am very blessed to read about Robert Murray McCheyne and others. The Bible has unlimited study so I am not limited to the above mentioned subject areas because I want to:

    ” grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.”

    Thank you for your excellent review of the NIV Study Bible and the work done to draw comparisons with the ESV.

    1. Hi Charles and Mary! Zonya was delighted to hear from you. 🙂 I’ll give her the email address you provided and you’ll likely hear from her within a few weeks, after some August rush slows down. Thanks for investing in my wife’s life long before I ever knew that’s what she’d be! Come see us in Atlanta sometime.

  3. Thank you for quoting William Mounce about “believing into”. I was thinking of checking out what he would say about this issue. I and everyone in my church mainly read the Jay Green Literal version of the NT. He may not be consistent, but quite often he translates “eis” as “into” when it comes to believing Christ, Jesus, God, etc. The Bible used by Living Stream Fellowship (witness Lee) translates that way as well. My pastor was always very insistent on taking these words as they were written in Greek, being quite picky. I was disappointed in the answer I got from Peter J Williams about this, although I did not contradict him, but told him I would consider his answer. He seemed to trivialize the differences, as if they all were the same (eis, en, epi, etc.) in the context of believing. My pastor also said that it is better to translate awkwardly than smooth something over, as it can show us potential problems in our understanding of the original meanings and intentions of the Apostles.

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