My Compositions

I’ve enjoyed composing a little music now and then over the years. Here are a few examples for your listening and performing enjoyment.

Usage guidelines: Use these freely for nonprofit purposes. But do claim credit if you make any changes–and I’ve love to know if you use them! Please ask permission before using these for profit, such as in a recording that will be sold. Thank you!

Shout – Psalm 150


The Path of the Righteous


Simple Song

  • A (Christian country-pop?) song I wrote kind of last minute because The Gingrichs were headed into the recording studio and we needed another song for our album. It turned out to be perhaps the least-simple song on the album. It sounded a bit too slick and shallow at first to me, so I added an instrumental bridge that explores new chords and rhythms. From the Step Right Up album (2002).
  • Score: Lost in the great electronic void
  • Audio: Download Audio


We Fix Our Eyes (2 Corinthians 4:18)


Sunday Night Rag


Before  All Things (Colossians 1:15-20)

  • This is a Scripture song that I composed in April, 2020 as our church enjoyed a sermon series from Colossians.
  • I didn’t write a score, but lyrics are included on the YouTube description. I recruited my daughters to help me make this video so we could teach it to our church during coronavirus online church.

Maybe sometime I’ll add a few more here–such as  “A Fine Summer Day in November,” a Hank Williams-inspired downer which hasn’t blessed anyone but has provoked a few groans and/or smiles.

Stay tuned for more (pun intended).

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5 thoughts on “My Compositions”

    1. Hi Mary Ann. I’m glad you like the song! Actually, yes, I do now have a score for this song.

      You are welcome to sing the song by ear for free, learning it from the video above. The lyrics are Scripture and I won’t stop anyone from using them for non-profit purposes.

      If you want a copy of the score, I’d be happy to email you a copy, for a cost of $1 for each copy of the score that you expect to print. I’ll email you with more information. Thanks!

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