Audio (Lectures and Sermons)

Here are some lectures and sermons that offer biblical and theological training. Listen online or download.

  • BiblicalTraining “Bible education beyond belief” — This site has been an immeasurable blessing to me. You will find hundreds of free seminary lectures from a wide range of well-known evangelical professors, with more added regularly. Headed by William “Bill” Mounce, an expert on NT Greek, former seminary prof, former pastor, and author of a top commentary on the pastoral epistles. Ranges from moments of bad (e.g., Bray calling Arminianism “heresy”) to very good (e.g., Stein on hermeneutics).  I’ve enjoyed almost all I’ve heard–including Bray. Suggestion for the average listener: begin with Mounce’s engaging New Testament survey.
  • Anabaptists Live “Living water for all” — The online home of the annual Anabaptist Identity Conference. Some of the goals of this conservative Anabaptist conference are: “To hold forth the ancient, radical faith of those who’ve gone before us, as examples for ourselves; To be too conservative for the liberals and too liberal for the conservatives, hoping thereby to stir up the apathy that each camp contains; [To provide] a forum to be able to think outside of the box and question that which we’ve been told; To provoke Anabaptist groups to thoughtful consideration of the Biblical truths lacking in their individual congregation settings.” I usually find myself exclaiming “Yes!” or “No!” after each talk I hear.
  • New Testament Reformation Fellowship “Reforming today’s church with New Testament practices” — Bible teaching from a fresh angle–from house church leaders. I’ve enjoyed Steve Atkerson’s talks on New Testament church life, especially his talk “Elder-led Congregational Consensus.” And don’t miss his series on New Covenant Theology, which is perhaps the best overview of the relationship between the Old and New Testaments that I’ve ever heard. Must you obey the 10 Commandments? Find out! (On that topic also see David Dorsey’s superb essay.)
  • Biblical Mennonite Alliance Audio Archive — You will likely be blessed by many of the talks here. I especially recommend the talks by Ken Sande on “Biblical Peacemaking.” (Scroll down to the 2012 Minister’s Enrichment Weekend.) I was present when these talks were given. I went home and did something I don’t think I’ve ever done otherwise after a conference: listened to all the talks again. Very highly recommended.
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