Abbreviations Used

This page explains how the commentary lists abbreviate information about (1) commentary series, (2) page numbers, (3) author’s perspective, and (4) ideal readers.

1. Commentary Series: Most commentaries are published as part of a series. Information about individual series can be found in many places, including the links below, (generic), and John Evan’s printed guide (more helpful). Series abbreviations are:

 2. Page Numbers: These were often copied from David Bauer’s guide and do not usually include prefatory material.

3. Author’s Perspective: Each commentary is labeled F (author writes from a faith perspective), C (critical), or F/C (moderately critical), using John Evan’s evaluations. However, do note that many critical volumes, though avoiding confessional faith and skeptical about the inspiration and authority of the Bible, nevertheless contain insightful theological discussion. Also note J (Jewish author).

4. Ideal Reader: Each commentary is labeled to approximately indicate its ideal readership: L (layperson), P (trained pastor or student), S (scholar or someone who knows biblical languages). A mixed label indicates that the book should serve several kinds of readers, but likely in decreasing order of usefulness. For instance, a commentary labeled PSL will probably be aimed at pastors, but also intended for scholars (perhaps including technical footnotes) and of some use to the inquisitive lay reader (perhaps including easy-to-read introductory and summary statements). This mixed audience means that some series that are officially aimed at a more scholarly audience (such as the BECNT) may not actually be much harder to read, in the main, than a series that usually keeps biblical languages to the footnotes (such as NICNT). Thus eager learners can benefit from a wide range of books. (Note: Readership labels are based primarily on the evaluations of Tyler Williams, John Evans, Jeremy Pierce, Denver Seminary, and Tremper Longman.)

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