Recommended Commentaries – Introduction

In the summer of 2014 I compiled several lists of recommended commentaries for diligent Bible students, preachers, and teachers.  These lists reflect the recommendations of about a dozen scholarly books and websites.

Note: To help keep these lists current, I am adding some “new and promising” commentaries as I discover them. (Most recent additions: January 7, 2017.)

Word Biblical Commentary: Genesis 1-15 Buy on Amazon Deuteronomy Buy on Amazon A Commentary on the Psalms: 1-41 Buy on Amazon Ecclesiastes Buy on Amazon The Book of Isaiah, Chapters 1-39 Buy on Amazon The Minor Prophets: An Exegetical and Expository Commentary : Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, and Habakkuk: 2 Buy on Amazon The Gospel of Matthew Buy on Amazon Acts Buy on Amazon Paul's Letter to the Romans Buy on Amazon Word Biblical Commentary: Pastoral Epistles: 46 Buy on Amazon 1 Peter Buy on Amazon The Book of Revelation: A Commentary on the Greek Text Buy on Amazon

Must-Buy Lists

Shorter lists of top-ranked commentaries that consistently receive high praise from multiple sources: OT lists, NT lists

Detailed Lists

Longer lists of suggested commentaries for each book of the Bible: OT lists, NT lists

You can also download these lists (note: this file has not been updated since July 2014): Commentary Recommendations

 About These Lists

Intended Audience and Purpose – Who might benefit from these recommendations?

Sources Consulted – How did I decide which books to recommend?

Abbreviations Used – What do my book descriptions mean?

Why I Use Commentaries – Are there any good reasons to read commentaries?

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6 thoughts on “Recommended Commentaries – Introduction”

  1. Just for your information. John F. Evans “A Guide to Biblical Commentaries” will bee updated and published by Zondervan in March 2016. You may want to keep an eye out. Rod

          1. Evans update has been out for a while. Hopefully you received a copy. I am anxious to see how that affects your recommendations. When will be your next update?

            1. I haven’t seen the new Evans update, so thanks for the notice. When will I update? Sigh! I wish I could now, but fear it won’t be for a year or more. As you can see, even blog posts have fell by the wayside during this season of transition to a new state, city, house, set of jobs, and church ministry focus. Denver Seminary updates their lists every January, so in a best-case scenario I’d try to catch their update early in 2017 and then revise my lists with all current data.

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